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XBOX 360 Recruiting
We are an Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Clan from the USA on PST time, any location is still applicable. Check out our forums for more information!
About Us
Adaptive Combat Specialists.
Is recruiting members for Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.  We are looking for members who work well in a team an are good at communication.  We do not allow cheating, map glitching, spawn killing or unsportsmanlike behavior such as T bagging or trash talking.  We prefer to play hard core mode above normal and will give any level of gamer an equal try out.  We are playing to have fun but want to take it a bit more serious.  If you are interested in joining, sign up and post on our forums or send us a message on our gamertags.  Vengeful Drake, Rightfulwalker, Evil is Legend    
What's New?

Battlefield 3 Beta on September 29th!

Evil Is Legend, Sep 22, 11 4:42 PM.
You heard right! The beta is coming September 29th! That's only 7 days. Maybe I won't have to Cryogenically  myself after all....

ACS Webpage Up and Running!

Evil Is Legend, Sep 22, 11 4:39 PM.
Hey guys, Evil here. We're up and running; anxiously awaiting the release of Battlefield 3 and until then, we're destroying Bad Company 2. Any and all applicants are welcome to apply for the Clan; We will be running try-outs. Please review our Rules before applying.
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